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Amanda Alexander is a Wedding and Party Planning Company based in London which operates worldwide. We are unique because we combine tradition with modern technology. This means we offer our clients the exciting opportunity to film and broadcast their wedding through live video content using multi cameras to capture their day. A wonderful experience is created for family and friends who cannot attend the wedding, which also enables them to be interactively involved, and taste the full essence of the couple's special occasion.

The live footage can be seen on the couple's own wedding website, mobile devices, apps, social media channels. At the end of the day the film footage is edited for their digital album and wedding video. Another specialty is that we can digitally create a set design by transforming a traditional church or reception setting into the couple's idyllic dream location.

We believe planning a beautiful wedding for our clients, requires our focus to be on forming a personal relationship with them. This helps us to understand their history, personalities, characters, styles and tastes. Based on this knowledge we work on a design by coordinating with the best suppliers in venues, cuisine, floristry, set designs, animators, technical design, media and entertainment.

Finally, we agree on the live video content, and liaise with our animators to create and bring to life the couple's dream!

We are specialists at merging venues and destinations into the client’s culture, and combining menu styling with atmosphere. We utilize modern technology with tradition to execute a sensational, unique, exquisite day which will be an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests.


We have an interactive platform facility offering a bespoke concierge service for couples and their guests to purchase wedding gifts, book hotels, arrange spa service, seating arrangements, menu selection and more!

Bespoke, exquisite, entertaining, surprising and fun.  Whether it’s the can-can, showgirls, specialist skill performers, casinos, fireworks, the ballet, circus, Cirque du Soleil, Mardi Gras tell us your wishes and it is our command!

We plan to bring to you monthly up to date video interviews with our suppliers and clients. Seasonal hints & tips from weddings around the world and our media partners are also in the making, watch this space for more!

Please contact us if you want us to create a memorable unique day, combining tradition with modern technology for you, your family and friends. We look forward to hearing from you.


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